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  • Block SD.
    Assessing and managing depression in the terminally ill patient. ACP-ASIM End-of-Life Care Consensus Panel. American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine.
    Ann Intern Med 2000;132 (3):209-218. PM:10651602

  • Bruera E, Palmer JL, Bosnjak S, Rico MA, Moyano J, Sweeney C, Strasser F, Willey J, Bertolino M, Mathias C, Spruyt O, Fisch MJ.
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    J Clin Oncol 2004;22 (1):185-192. PM:14701781

  • Casarett DJ, Inouye SK; American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine End-of-Life Care Consensus Panel.
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  • Casarett DJ, Karlawish JH, Henry MI, Hirschman KB.
    Must patients with advanced cancer choose between a Phase I trial and hospice?
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  • Cornely OA, Ullmann AJ, Karthaus M.
    Opportunistische Infektionen nach Therapie mit monoklonalen Antikörpern.
    Wien Med Wochenschr 2004;154 (9-10):209-217. PM:15244046

  • Cummins ER, Vick KD, Poole GV.
    Incurable colorectal carcinoma: the role of surgical palliation.
    Am Surg 2004;70 (5):433-437. PM:15156952

  • Dowsett SM, Saul JL, Butow PN, Dunn SM, Boyer MJ, Findlow R, Dunsmore J.
    Communication styles in the cancer consultation: preferences for a patient-centred approach.
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  • Elsayem A, Swint K, Fisch MJ, Palmer JL, Reddy S, Walker P, Zhukovsky D, Knight P, Bruera E.
    Palliative care inpatient service in a comprehensive cancer center: clinical and financial outcomes.
    J Clin Oncol 2004;22 (10):2008-2014. PM:15143094

  • Emanuel EJ, Fairclough DL, Slutsman J, Alpert H, Baldwin D, Emanuel LL.
    Assistance from family members, friends, paid care givers, and volunteers in the care of terminally ill patients.
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  • Farncombe M, Chater S.
    Clinical application of nebulized opioids for treatment of dyspnoea in patients with malignant disease.
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  • Goold SD, Klipp G.
    Managed care members talk about trust.
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  • Goold SD, Williams B, Arnold RM.
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  • Johnson R, Marsh R, Corson J, Seymour K.
    A comparison of two methods of palliation of large bowel obstruction due to irremovable colon cancer.
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  • Jolicoeur L, Faught W.
    Managing bowel obstruction in ovarian cancer using a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube.
    Can Oncol Nurs J 2003;13 (4):212-219. PM:14692364

  • Karthaus M, Frieler F.
    Essen und Trinken am Ende des Lebens. Ernährung bei Krebspatienten in der palliativen Onkologie und Palliativmedizin.
    Wien Med Wochenschr 2004;154 (9-10):192-198. PM:15244044

  • Karthaus M, Meran J.
    Supportive Care in der Hämatologie und Onkologie.
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  • Karthaus M, Meran J.
    Supportive Care. Editorial.
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  • Kohara H, Ueoka H, Aoe K, Maeda T, Takeyama H, Saito R, Shima Y, Uchitomi.
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    J Pain Symptom Manage 2003;26 (4):962-967. PM:14575057

  • Ly KL, Chidgey J, Addington-Hall J, Hotopf M.
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    Palliat Med 2002;16 (4):279-284. PM:12132540

  • McClain CS, Rosenfeld B, Breitbart W.
    Effect of spiritual well-being on end-of-life despair in terminally-ill cancer patients.
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  • Men S, Hekimoglu B, Kaderoglu H, Pinar A, Conkbayir I, Soylu SO, Bulut A, Yandakci K, Baran I, Aran Y.
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    Clinical practice. Palliative care.
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  • McNamara P.
    Opioid switching from morphine to transdermal fentanyl for toxicity reduction in palliative care.
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  • Nicholson A.
    Methadone for cancer pain.
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2004;2:CD003971. PM:15106230

  • Numico G, Russi E, Merlano M.
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  • Pampallona S, Bollini P.
    Palliative care in developing countries: why research is needed.
    J Pain Palliat Care Pharmacother 2003;17 (3-4):171-182; discussion 183-184. PM:15022960

  • Rabow MW, Dibble SL, Pantilat SZ, McPhee SJ.
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  • Ripamonti C, Bruera E.
    Palliative management of malignant bowel obstruction.
    Int J Gynecol Cancer 2002;12 (2):135-143. PM:11975672

  • Rothe A, Seibold M, Hoppe T, Seifert H, Engert A, Caspar C, Karthaus M, Fatkenheuer G, Bethe U, Tintelnot K, Cornely OA.
    Combination therapy of disseminated Fusarium oxysporum infection with terbinafine and amphotericin B.
    Ann Hematol 2004;83 (6):394-7. PM:14648020

  • Slutsman J, Emanuel LL, Fairclough D, Bottorff D, Emanuel EJ.
    Managing end-of-life care: comparing the experiences of terminally Ill patients in managed care and fee for service.
    J Am Geriatr Soc 2002;50 (12):2077-2083. PM:12473022

  • Sweeney C, Beattie-Palmer L, Palmer JL, Bruera E.
    Changing patterns of symptom control and palliative care paper presentations at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
    J Clin Oncol 2001;19 (14):3438-3439. PM:11454893

  • White PH, Kuhlenschmidt HL, Vancura BG, Navari RM.
    Antimicrobial use in patients with advanced cancer receiving hospice care.
    J Pain Symptom Manage 2003;25 (5):438-443. PM:12727041

  • Zahner J, Meran J, Karthaus M.
    Exhaustion and fatigue - a neglected problem in hematologic oncology.
    Wien Med Wochenschr 2001;151 (3-4):89-93. PM:11789424

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